Pierpoint Condominium Association, Inc
175 SE Saint Lucie Boulevard,  Stuart, Fl  34996-4799
Phone: (772) 287-0646      Fax: (772) 287-3098

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Pierpoint Buildings
Frank Helmstetter, Pres., Dick Walden, VP, Cheryl French, Sec., Howard Gilman, Treas.
Maggie Blizzard, Jim Brucia, Mike Littell
Info and comments about the site: Fred DeFoor 772-219-1125
Howard Gilman, Chairman
Bldg A: Rich Elmore, Shirley RossBldg. B: Peggy WarrenBldg C: Hammond Dugan, John Calandra,Bldg D: Scott LoomisBldg E: Dolores Wieman, Bob ApleyBldg F: Sunny Barker     Bldg      G: Howard GilmanBldg H: Marilyn Feldman, Lynn DonohueBldg I: John Carey


Let's all give a big round of appreciation for our hard working Social Committee, they had a great program for the season. We all look forward to next season and the programs that will be available.

The purpose of the Social Committee is to arrange events for the entertainment of the residents of Pierpoint. That means owners and renters as well, who all have to abide by the rules of our complex.
Due to our limited Club House space, it has become necessary to remind everyone that we will accommodate residents first at our functions and a limit of 2 guests can be placed on a waiting list. At the end of sign-up time if there is any space open, guests can be added. Due to these restrictions we will not be able to take reservations in advance. Sign up will have to be in person or by another person in your behalf and only at sign up day and time. After that, others can be added to the waiting list and will be contacted on a first come, first served basis.
We have also had complaints about residents entering the Club House well before start time and saving tables for themselves. This isn't fair to those who follow the rules. Please help to keep Pierpoint the friendly, neat and special place we have all strived to make it.

Manager - Pat Hassler, Certified Condominium Manager
Maintenance Supervisor - Earl Cummins
                          *****SO LONG FOR A WHILE*****

Many of our residents will soon be leaving for the summer. May we all say you will be missed. We look forward to seeing you again this fall or winter. Drive carefully and enjoy your season with your old familiar surroundings, friends and loved ones.