Pierpoint Condominium Association, Inc
175 SE Saint Lucie Boulevard,  Stuart, Fl  34996-4799
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G  8
E              40
H.                               H
I          22     I
A              32           A
B             24            B
C                40               C
                           D       18
Pierpoint Buildings
Fred DeFoor, Pres., Don Heldt, VP, Michael Littell, Treas.
Maggie Blizard, Secretary, Tom Gallegher, Frank Helmstetter, Dick Walden

Manager - Pat Hassler, Certified Condominium Association Manager
Maintenance Supervisor - Earl Cummins
         CALENDAR 2016/2017

Christmas Program Dec 3
New Years Day     Jan 1
Welcome Back Jan 15
Ladies Lunch & Fashion    Jan 19
Race Night Jan 21
Super Bowl     Feb 5
Strawberry Festival        Feb 18 (19)
Race Night Feb 24
Board Appreciation Mar 5
Retirement Party    Mar 26

Please respect the tranquility of Pierpoint when you are driving on our property. A few people are traveling at a rate of speed that is excessive for a private residential area. Pierpoint Lane and Wentworth Lane are not speedways. Continuation of the speeding could result in the return of the dreaded speed bumps.
PLEASE NOTE: Pierpoint does not rent or sell units.. Units are 100% privately owned.

The weather has been very good. The temperatures have dropped a little - just enough to want a light blanket and leave the window open. The river has been doing great with visibility at about six feet. The overall water quality has improved and the warning signs have been removed. The pelicans are back in force and our local osprey needs to watch his weight - he is getting a good supply of fish. Dolphins have been spotted. In case you would like to know the weather here at any time, download the "Weather Underground" application. When you hook up just go to Pierpoint Condo and find the temperatures, the precipitation and the wind speed and direction. If you scroll down there is more information.